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hpland's Journal

Harry Potter Land
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about hp_land.

Welcome to hp_land, an interactive fan community for the Harry Potter books and movies. We have four teams based on the different houses at Hogwarts: Team Gryffindor, Team Slytherin, Team Hufflepuff, and Team Ravenclaw. Everyone is encouraged to participate in the challenges offered in the community to win their teams points and possibly even the tournament prize: The House Cup. To make sure you get the best experience possible, we have outlined what goes on in each of the communities below.

hp_land This is the main community where the community maintainers will post all of the important news. This is also where you will go to see current team standings, rules, the application, and many other important topics.

hpl_transfig Transfiguration is our graphics community. All of the graphics based challenges will be found here. On occasion, you will find challenges here for other mediums, including fan vids.

hpl_history The History of Magic community is where all of our writing challenges will take place. Most of these challenges will revolve around fanfiction of various lengths. This is a great place to earn some points.

hpl_quidditch The Quidditch Pitch is where you will find all of the games available for points. New games will be added on a weekly basis. All of these games are for participation only. Its easy points, so make sure you come and check them out.

hpl_greathall The Great Hall is the social community for Harry Potter Land. This is where you go to get to know your fellow members. Participation doesn't always earn you points, but there are mods stalking the boards, waiting to issue points for worthy comments.

hpl_owlpost This is the reminders community. Every day we will try to issue a reminder of all the current challenges going on on Harry Potter Land, so make sure to watch this community so you can earn as many points as possible.

hpl_gryffindor hpl_ravenclaw hpl_slytherin hpl_hufflepuff These are the team communities. You will be invited to join one of these communities once you've been accepted to Harry Potter Land. You can only see your own team community.